Hi! I'm Juan.

I am a Software Engineer a Full Stack Developer a Problem Solver

About Me

I'm a software engineer based in Madrid, Spain. I love solving hard problems and deciding between different tradeoffs. When I am not coding, I enjoy weightlifting, cycling and traveling.

I recently co-created Horus, an end-to-end open source observability solution for small microservice applications.


Horus is an open-source observability solution for microservices. Users can generate, store, and visualize correlated telemetry data, allowing them to see the real-time health of their application.

Designed with the user in mind, it makes the integration, generation, and visualization of application monitoring seamless and straightforward. With Horus, the user has the option to track application metrics and traces to gain the observability coverage they need. Horus correlates the user’s application metrics with the traces, providing full transparency over the interactions taking place across their system’s infrastructure in real-time.

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